Another Door Closes

Earlier this week, one of the local headlines was that one of our largest employers, Lexmark, is getting out of the inkjet printer business, so it will be laying off 1,600 workers, 500 of them right here in Lexington.  Lexmark was one of the companies I was hoping would hire me, since I was laid off in 2010.  Well, I can forget about them now; they won’t be hiring while they are busy firing.

As for the other companies, a former co-worker of mine told me not to bother with Lockheed Martin; they are running Bluegrass Station far less efficiently than L-3 Communications, my former employer out there, did.  That leaves Big Ass Fans as the only company I know of, that is hiring people with my skill set here in central Kentucky.

In this long night in the wilderness, I have wondered if it is not really God’s will for me to have a job.  That would make sense if my best hope is to succeed with LegalShield.  On September 17, the TV commercials for LegalShield will start airing here.  As far as I know, the only people in Central Kentucky who can do this full time, without a job getting in the way, are Leive and myself, and our sponsor, Terrell Cherry.  Therefore we’ll be the ones in the best place to reap the windfall from those ads.

On Tuesday my church’s men’s group went to see the movie “2016:  Obama’s America.”  I had been led to expect the film to be a dystopia, a frightening look at the nation in a near future that we hope will never come.  Instead it turned out to be a movie version of Dinesh D’Souza’s book, “The Roots of Obama’s Rage.”  Still I found it very thought provoking, as it shows what makes our president tick.  If you plan to vote in November, check it out.

Ouch!  Earlier this week, gas prices around here jumped to $3.95 a gallon.  I know, Hurricane Isaac was responsible, because it forced a bunch of oil refineries in Louisiana and Texas to shut down.  Still, the high prices might be worth it, if it keeps our president and congressman from getting re-elected.

Speaking of which, the polls now appear to be shifting in that direction.  Did you hear about the two electoral analysts who are predicting that this presidential election will be the biggest blowout for the Republicans since 1980?  I made a map showing how they predict the states will go (see below); if that prediction comes true, you will see the map on my election page, come November.



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