My Brother Is OK

Just a quick note to let you know that Hurricane Isaac spared the Florida peninsula.  My brother Chris lives in Naples, and for a while last week it looked like he would be hit.  Instead, the storm veered farther west than expected when it crossed Cuba yesterday, and the eye ended up missing Naples by more than 100 miles.

I haven’t talked to Chris in several days, but I see from his messages on Facebook that he is doing all right.  He probably didn’t even lose power for long, if at all.  First he talked about boarding up his windows, and that the boards will stay on until November, because it is too much remove to remove them and put them back on again, every time they get a hurricane warning.  Today he said that there is flooding around his post office, so it may be several days before he can check for mail.  Finally, he reported that the east coast of the state got more wind and rain than he did, believe it or not.

All this also means that the city of Tampa erred on the side of caution.  The Republican convention was supposed to start today, but today’s events were cancelled, leaving the delegates and reporters with nothing to do.  Now the storm is headed across the Gulf of Mexico, bearing down on Mississippi and Louisiana.  That’s where the real danger is.  Are we going to see a repeat of the Katrina disaster, seven years to the day after the first one?

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