The Second Coming of the Antichrist

The Second Coming of the Antichrist: Peter D. Goodgame,Donna Howell: 9780985604516: Books

Last month my pastor tipped me off to this book, and on August 15 it became available, so I ordered a copy.  Because I had some points available from previous Amazon purchases, it only cost me $1.26.

Yesterday my copy arrived in my mailbox, so I am looking it over now.  I was interested because the author, Peter Goodgame, teaches that the dictatorship of the Antichrist during the endtime Tribulation years is really a restoration of the empire that built the Tower of Babel, and the Antichrist himself may be a reincarnation of Nimrod, or at least someone just like him.  Despite the title, the book talks mostly about the evidence from the first coming, and from the first two civilizations that followed it, the Sumerians in Iraq and Archaic Egypt.  I also noticed a chapter discussing the Mahabharata, which looks very interesting.  Anyway, all this sounds like what I was teaching about Babel at my church in Florida, and what I wrote about it in two places:

1.  Chapter 12 of The Genesis Chronicles

2.  Chapter 2 of my Textbook, A Biblical Interpretation of World History

On first glance, I caught a line or two that sounded like something I had written.  Unfortunately, there is no index or bibliography, so I’m checking the footnotes to see if I am quoted anywhere!  What I did find was that Mr. Goodgame quoted one of my friends, David Rohl, quite a bit, from his books “Legend” and “The Lost Testament.”  I plan to publish a full review when I’m done reading.  At any rate, it looks like this will be the most important book I read this year, the way “The Parthenon Code” was in 2006, and “How Civilizations Die” was in 2011.

If you don’t want to wait for my review, you can get your own copy at the link below:

The Second Coming of the Antichrist: Peter D. Goodgame,Donna Howell: 9780985604516: Books.

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