The TOTUS Upstages the POTUS


I know, the person with the camera happened to be at just the right angle for this shot.  Still, it’s hard to think of a picture that says as much about someone or something as this one.

It reminded me of a random thought I composed two or three years ago, so I put a copy of the picture on the webpage where I posted that.  Quote:

A true leader has to be willing to go against his core group of followers, if necessary, to get an important job done. How does that apply to presidents of the United States? Well . . .

1. FDR was rich.  He dumped on Wall Street.
2. Ike was a general.  He attacked the "military-industrial complex," giving liberals a buzzword they have used ever since.
3. JFK was a Catholic.  He gave the Pope no more attention than Protestant presidents did.
4. LBJ was a Southerner.  He supported the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts.
5. Ronald Reagan was the oldest president.  He had senior citizens fearing that he would trash Social Security.

Along that line, I predict that the first woman president won’t get along with feminists, the first Jewish president will be pro-Palestinian, the first Hispanic president will be tough on illegal immigrants, and the first Mormon president won’t like the Osmonds.

Now Barack Obama is being called the first black president (does anybody remember when Bill Clinton had that title?).  If he follows the above examples, he will be an Uncle Tom.  During the 2008 election, he showed no signs of doing that, but now I’m wondering who is putting words on the teleprompters he always keeps around, even for minor speeches.  Hopefully it’s not George Soros, Bill Ayers, or the ghost of Saul Alinsky.

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