Why Is There No Job For Me?

Today, as most days have been for the past four months, I spent several hours going around town, pounding the pavement.  Mainly looking for prospective members and associates for my LegalShield business, but I have also been looking for a job.  In the long run, I see LegalShield as my best opportunity to make a living, if I want to stay in Kentucky.  Although I have signed up a few people, there haven’t been enough to earn a good living, or even to do away with the unemployment insurance I have been receiving.  So in the short run, I’m going to need another job.

But where are the jobs for someone like me?  I have applied for the job openings I saw online, but have only gotten one interview so far (in mid-June).  The only companies in this community looking for my skill set, that I know of, are Lockheed Martin, Big Ass Fans and Lexmark, but I never got a response when I applied for jobs with them.

Am I applying for the right thing, or even praying for the right thing?  It’s a bad testimony when utterly vile people like BIll Maher or Rosanne Barr have no trouble earning a living, while God’s people are left wandering in the outer wilderness, a spiritual Siberia.  I’m left wondering which of the following is the case:

1.  God can’t hear the prayers from me, my family and my friends.

2.  God does hear the prayers, but is blocked from responding for some reason (see Daniel 10).

3.  It is not God’s will for me to have a job, or at least one as good as the ones I have had since leaving Florida.

At the men’s group from my church that I attended tonight, I told them to pray that I receive a bad job, since prayers for a good job have produced nothing.  They agreed that a bad job is better than no job at all.

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