17-foot-long Burmese python caught in Everglades

17-foot-long Burmese python caught in Everglades | Fox News.

My brother is a park ranger in the Everglades, so over the years he has kept me up to date on the python problem.  Life in Florida taught me that Florida has the kind of climate where almost animal that escapes into the wild has a fighting chance of survival.  Most kinds of plants, too; you may have heard of melaleuca, hydrilla and water hyacinths running wild there.  This news story sounds like a scene from a horror movie.  If they caught a 17-foot snake full of eggs, what kind of monster got away?  A year ago I heard that just about every wild mammal in Florida is threatened by the pythons.

It has long amazed that the Burmese python is an endangered species in Southeast Asia, but thriving in Florida.  Not too long ago, Leive reminded me that the Burmese are eating them up, and suggested that Floridians do the same.  Ever heard of Burmese surprise soup?  A peeled, coiled snake in the bottom of the pot is the surprise!

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