August Is Not Like July

Not in Kentucky, anyway.  In Florida the two months are almost the same.  Both are hot and muggy, with frequent thunderstorms, and compared with other months, not much happens during that time; a good part of the state seems to go to sleep.  The main differences between them are that hurricanes are more likely to strike in August, and July has the only major holiday (the 4th, of course).

Speaking of holidays, yesterday was my daughter Lindy’s wedding anniversary.  I tried calling them but couldn’t get an answer on her phone.  When she was about nine years old, I remember Lindy telling me that August is the dullest month of the year—31 days, none of them very special.  Well, by choosing to get married in August, she solved that problem, at least for my family.


However, there are definite differences between the two summer months here.  To start with, if you drive in the country, you will see ironweed among the wild flowers in August (see above), but not in July.  Second, one of the months is always hotter than the other.  Maybe it’s because the summers are shorter here.  In most years August has been the hottest month, but it looks like for this year, July is the hot one.  Remember our triple-digit temperatures during the July heat wave?  Now, for all of this week, temperatures are in the 70s and 80s by day, and in the 60s at night.  Whereas I was expecting to be in the summertime survival mode for the rest of this month, now when I go out, I am driving with my windows all the way down and thinking, “Oh joy!”  It was that way this evening, for instance, when I came back from a LegalShield meeting on the other side of town.  Well, if fall is coming early this year, here is one old boy who isn’t complaining.

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