Home Alone (If You Don’t Count a Crazy Parrot)

As far as I know, Leive is having a good time with the ladies of our church.  I haven’t heard from her because they are in a dead zone for cell phones; that must be common in the mountains.  I’m expecting her back late this afternoon.

In the meantime, I’m doing what I can to keep up the house and the yard.  For instance, Leive asked me to pull the weeds in the bed where we had a vegetable garden in 2010 and 2011.  She didn’t want to plant anything this year, and I got back in town too late to plant anything myself.  Therefore we ended up doing the same thing that medieval farmers did – we let the land lay fallow for one year out of three.  It helps that we’re getting a bit of September early.  Yesterday the temperature reached a high of 77 degrees, and a low of 55; we’re expecting the same for today.

One of my favorite flowers is purslane, ever since it took over our front yard in Florida, during the drought of 2000.  It was a welcome addition to the garden, for several reasons:  it never needs watering, it has flowers in almost every color, the flowers attract lots of bees (hopefully they pollinate the other flowers in the yard while they are here), and Leive can make a decent stew from the plants.

I bought a pot of purslane in mid-June, and put it on out patio, to give a little color to those looking through the kitchen window.  Here’s how it looked yesterday; I think it is now at its peak, judging from all the yellow and magenta flowers.  Even if I can’t get it established in this cooler climate, it still has the power to cheer me up on a bad day.


I didn’t tell you earlier, but in late July I posted an employment wanted ad in our local newspaper, offering my services.  It ran for fifteen days, ending on August 9.  I stated I was an unemployed technical writer, listed my computer skills, and left my cell phone number and e-mail address.  It got about six responses; the first response was a referral to a headhunter in Louisville, who passed my resume on to Fort Campbell, KY.  All the rest were from folks who misunderstood the ad, thinking I was advertising a job and not myself!

I just heard on the news that Paul Ryan was picked to run as Mitt Romney’s running mate.  Having never been to Wisconsin, I don’t know Ryan very well, but the little bit I have heard says he’ll do.

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