96 Degrees in the Shade


If you’re a reggae fan, you will remember that song from Third World.  I’m sharing the video because it really got that hot last week, here in Kentucky.  The peak day was Wednesday, when at one point it was 98 outside.  Thus, for most of Wednesday and Thursday, Leive and I took refuge in the basement again.

Fortunately it wasn’t so bad during the weekend—it only got up in the 80s, and today’s high was in the low 90s.  It also helped that we got some thunderstorms on Friday and Saturday night.  Now we are finally getting enough rain for the grass to grow again; Sunday was the first time I had mowed the lawn in two months.

This morning we had another friend from our church look at the air conditioners.  He concluded that a freon leak was the problem, capped the leak and put some more freon into the system; that seems to have fixed it, at least for the short run.  He told me that the entire unit will need to be replaced in the near future, because it is fourteen years old, but this fix will get us through the rest of the summer, and it cost a lot less that what I was expecting to pay.

The repair came not a day too soon, because Leive’s cousin Edna and her husband Mike are going to be driving here from Dallas on Wednesday night, and will stay in our house for a day or so.  Sure, you could say they’re used to this kind of heat in Texas, but at least they should be comfortable in the guest rooms upstairs.  Now with the A/C up to speed, we won’t have to put them in the basement, as we did with the relatives who dropped in during June.

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