Our Secret Weapon–Bacon and Beer?

I don’t see Islam ever getting popular in Alaska, because it’s too far north.  How do you observe the Ramadan fast in a place that experiences the midnight sun, if Ramadan falls in the summer like it’s doing this year?  Likewise, I don’t see Islam catching on in Hawaii.  According to Wikipedia there are 2,000 Moslems in that state (1,999 if you don’t count President Obama), but it’s hard to be perpetually angry in a place as nice as that.  Along that line, have you noticed that Indonesia is 90 percent Moslem, but the inhabitants of Bali, another famous island paradise, still practice the ancient religion that existed before Islam came to the rest of the archipelago?

Last year I shared two videos from this Wild Bill fellow; now he seems to have hit the nail on the head, about what Americans will really fight for.  My favorite line is this one on why Americans should drink:  “We don’t have the option of putting unattractive women in burkas, and if it wasn’t for alcohol, liberal women might never have children!”

Islam will never conquer America’s Heartland as long as we remember the message in this video.  You know it’s true with Texas, and I can testify it’s true with Kentucky, too.  In Florida there is a chain of restaurants that specializes in salads, called Crisper’s, but after six years I have not found any restaurant like that here in Kentucky.  On the other hand, we have plenty of barbecues.  On July 10 I went to the newest barbecue place in Lexington, to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and boy was it crowded!  Normally I dislike crowds but the food was fine, the service was very efficient and the customers were happy, so I’ll probably go back there some day.

Likewise, I felt a little homesick in Connecticut last January, when my birthday came around and my whole family was hundreds of miles away.  Two months earlier I discovered an authentic Southern-style barbecue over there called RW’s; it is probably the only one in that part of Connecticut, a state where you are usually within walking distance of a Mom-and-Pop-style Italian restaurant.  Anyway, I went there for my birthday, and they cheered me up.

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