Five Years With a Crazy Parrot

Happy Birthday, Brin-Brin!  Actually, we don’t know the date when he was hatched.  We know the year, though, 1996.  On July 15, 2007, Leive and I brought him home from a bird show in Bardstown, 70 miles from here.  You can go back to the first year of this blog and read that story, if you wish.  Since we don’t know Brin-Brin’s real birthday, the date of his homecoming, July 15, will do.

Since you can’t give a parrot a birthday cake or candles, and he would probably shred a card if he got his beak on it, the celebration was low key.  We gave him a few of his favorite treats, like some rice and a peanut, and I bought him a new toy from a pet shop this afternoon.  It’s hard to believe Brin-Brin has been a member of our household for five years, I’ll tell you that.

Speaking of parrots, this morning I saw a video of another yellow-naped Amazon (the same breed as Brin-Brin), imitating a baby with a temper tantrum.  Oh dear, last Saturday Brin-Brin made a strange sound I had never heard from him before, like a squeaky balloon.  I quickly went to the cage to check on him, thinking he might have hurt himself, but he was quite all right.  Earlier, Leive was using a shredder upstairs to get rid of a stack of papers we no longer need; is he now starting to imitate the shredder?

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