Twelve Reasons Why Obamacare Will Be Disastrous

This article came from (original URL unavailable).  Quote:

Deloitte Center for Health Solutions conducted a survey of 501 practicing physicians.


Here is what they said of the unintended consequences of Obamacare:

  1. Increase demand for medical care.
  2. Fewer Doctors because of lower pay.
  3. Regulations will burden the doctors that do work.
  4. Care will be restricted.
  5. Fewer hospitals.
  6. Waiting times at ERs will grow.
  7. Increasingly harder to get appointments.
  8. Nurse practitioners and para-medical providers will be taking over a lot of your health.
  9. Best and brightest will avoid medical profession.
  10. Older doctors more likely to retire than deal with regulations.
  11. 41% of doctors will stop taking medicare patients altogether.

This matches other studies. For example, Fairfield County Medical Association, said that they estimated 41% of doctors would stop taking new medicare patients.

ObamaCare, if it is enacted in all of its grotesque manifestations, will guarantee higher health care costs (direct and indirect), reduce incentives for physicians to practice medicine, reduce the supply of health care services, and increase the demand for that dwindling supply. None of it makes financial sense, either, as it is not driven by market incentives (profits) but by political expediency and social policy. The best thing that can be said about ObamaCare, if implemented, is that it won’t last long. Using the politically correct term, ObamaCare won’t be “sustainable.” In the meantime, don’t get sick.

Unquote:  To those eleven reasons I will add a twelfth—health insurance is becoming so expensive that most employers will not be hiring.  Because of that , when I heard about the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obamacare last week, it told me I am not likely to have a job again, as long as Obamacare stands.  My pastor is suggesting I apply for positions in the TSA or IRS, because those branches of the federal government are one of the few growth industries left.  Yikes!


2 responses to “Twelve Reasons Why Obamacare Will Be Disastrous

  1. Yes, Obamacare WILL be disastrous in the long term. I have experienced what nationalized healthcare means in Canada, which equated to long wait times to see a doctor in crowded clinics, weeks to months to wait before critical surgeries were performed due to lack of trained surgeons and not enough hospital beds, and often months to wait before seeing a specialist. And in America, where our population is ten times higher, things could be ten times worse than they are in Canada now! That’s why learning all we can about Natural Home Remedies and taking our health into our own hands using herbs and other natural medicines and nutrients is essential – now, more than ever!

  2. Helena, thank you for reminding me of Canada’s example. I once heard that north of the 49th parallel, the average waiting time for an abortion is nine months. Is that true?

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