A Bit of Relief



Happy Fourth of July!  I won’t be posting a picture of fireworks this year because it would not be appropriate; fireworks were banned last Monday.  The recent drought has been so bad that the city of Lexington agreed with me, they’re too much of a fire hazard, so only professionals with a permit will be able to use them.  There was a fireworks show nearby last night, presumably because of the latest rain.

Speaking of rain, yes, we finally got some.  A thunderstorm passed over us on Sunday night, but it gave us a lot of wind and only a sprinkle of rain.  We got a more substantial rainstorm at 7 PM on Tuesday, but by no means is the drought over yet.  In my yard, about the only plant that is doing well is the pot of purslane I bought in the middle of June.  Well, purslane likes it hot and dry; I learned that during the drought of 2000, when it took over my front yard in Florida.  As for my lawn and those of the neighbors, they look so bad that I won’t be talking about bluegrass for the time being; browngrass is now a more appropriate name.

The worst of the heat may be behind us, but for the rest of the week we are expecting higher than average temperatures.  Yesterday the high was 95 degrees, and that’s the only normal temperature for a Kentucky summer; I never thought I’d call a 95-degree day “cool.”  Gosh, if I wanted to spend a week in triple-digit temperatures, I’d go to the Burning Man festival in Nevada!

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