What A Scorcher!

We’re now finishing the second day of a record-breaking heat wave.  For the first time since August 2007, temperatures in Kentucky are in triple-digit figures.  Both yesterday and today, the highs reached 104 degrees, and the weatherman is predicting more heat like that at least until Monday.  And no rain in sight during that time either; it’s definitely our turn for a drought.

Even so, here in Lexington we’re the lucky ones.  I also heard that it got up to 107 in Louisville, and 108 in Nashville.  And 109 in Bowling Green, an all-time high temperature record for that western Kentucky town.

According to what I heard on the radio, once the ground is hot and dry, droughts become a self-perpetuating cycle.  The air and the ground keep each other hot until something comes along to break the cycle, like a cold front or a hurricane.  Therefore we could see more of the same in July and August.

For now we’re in survival mode.  I have gone outside a little bit, but Leive won’t go out at all.  In fact, she is spending a lot of time in the basement, the coolest part of the house, because the air conditioning upstairs isn’t working as well as it should.  Normally she’s a stranger to the basement, and our parrot Brin-Brin knows it; he thinks she belongs upstairs, and makes a fuss when he hears Leive downstairs.

Fortunately we got a break this evening.  Some clouds at sundown caused outside temperatures to cool rapidly; as I write this, it is now 79.  I opened the windows to get some fresh air indoors, and now we’re hearing neighbors shooting off fireworks.  How foolish and impatient can you get?  Not only is the Fourth of July nearly a week away, but those fireworks can be a fire hazard, if they land on all the brown grass I saw in the neighborhood.

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