Indian Winter, and Company From Chicago

Today was cooler than usual for this time of the year; the temperature only got up to 81 degrees.  By contrast, it was in the 90s on Sunday, and we’re expecting it to maybe even reach 100 on Thursday.  Therefore it looks like my prediction of a hot and dry year is coming true.  As far as the dry part goes, I haven’t had to mow the lawn this month; the grass isn’t getting enough moisture to grow, and even the weeds are starting to look unhealthy.

It’s just as well we’re getting a bit of relief.  In the last few days the air conditioning hasn’t been working well upstairs.  Though I hear the A/C running almost constantly, it’s not getting any cooler.  Perhaps we’re out of coolant; my in-law Gene is supposed to come look at it tomorrow, and we should know for sure after that.  Earlier today I also thought the water heater had failed, but it turned out Leive had bumped the switch, turning it off accidentally.

Since I last wrote about our Kentucky adventures, we had a brief visit from my Aunt Sue and Uncle Rich, my relatives from Chicago.  They called last Saturday to tell us they were coming, and arrived on Monday.  The visit was to see the neighborhood Leive and I now call home, and to see the retirement home where my father is now staying.  They weren’t even here 24 hours, because they wanted to head on to see their new grandson in Maryland, but altogether they had a delightful stop here.

Also on Saturday I received a tip to visit the unemployment office in Georgetown, because they give better service than the (Lexington) office near me.  Boy, the friend who told me that was right.  For a start, there are no hordes of applicants there.  In fact, I only saw one job-seeker besides myself, and the folks working there were much more helpful, so I was in and out of there in only ten minutes.  They also gave me the good news that I am still qualified to receive 16 weeks of leftover benefits from last year, if I am not working by the time the Connecticut benefits run out.  By contrast, on one of my visits to the Lexington office last year, they kept me waiting for half a day, just to answer a single question!  It’s hard to believe both offices are run by the state government.  In the future, I think I will only go to the Georgetown office, though it is twenty miles away.

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