My First Kentucky Cockroach

One of the things I like about Kentucky is that there are no cockroaches here.  Well, there weren’t — until today.  Just now I was in the garage and I saw a one-and-a-half-inch-long palmetto bug come out of a cardboard box and run under the car.  We have some boxes in the garage containing my father’s belongings, which my brother brought up from Florida last March, and my guess is that the roach stowed away in one of them.  The only other place in Kentucky where I have seen roaches is at the army helicopter base where I used to work, and because we did a lot of work with a base in Fort Walton Beach, FL, I figured the roaches came in crates from there.

Leive agreed it was probably a Florida stowaway, gave me a can of bug spray and told me to go and get it.  I went back in the garage, and as soon as I started stepping around the car, pop!  I had accidentally stepped on the roach, killing it instantly with my University of Kentucky slippers.

End of problem, end of story — I hope.  In Florida there is no such thing as one roach; where you find one, there are always more.  Now we are wondering if there are any more in the boxes.  If so, and I miss them, I hope our cold weather gets them, six months from now.

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