My First Craigslist Ad

Today I got the idea to publish some ads for my LegalShield business, to make people come looking for me instead of spending my time looking for them.  After all, I found Leive that way, by publishing a classified ad in a Philippine Newspaper at the end of 1983.  At some point I will resort to paid ads, in publications like the local newspaper, but for now I will start with Craigslist, because it is free.  I just signed up for an account, and submitted an ad which reads as follows:

Have you ever signed a contract you didn’t really understand?  Have you received a traffic ticket?  Have you been a victim of identity theft?  Do you have an up to date will?  Have you ever wished you could talk to an attorney and not worry about the cost?

Now you can have unlimited access to an A-rated law firm (one of the best in the country) for just over a dollar a day.

I am also seeking six excellent men and women who are serious about their future and want a new way to make money.  This service provides an opportunity for that, too.

Watch the video at for details.  Then if you want to know more, reply to this message or call me at 859-230-9787.  And we will be advertising on TV very soon; watch for the ads.  Success!

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