Rearranging Africa

As you can see, I haven’t had much to say this week.  I’ve mainly been busy in the real world, looking for a job and prospecting for my LegalShield business.  On Monday I drove to RIchmond, KY for an interview, the first one I’ve had since returning from Connecticut, but at this point it doesn’t look like I got the job.

For the African history project on The Xenophile Historian, I added a footnote to Chapter 7, one about Belgium’s King Leopold II, and then decided that both Chapters 7 and 9 were too large to load and index properly.  My rule of thumb is that if the text/code portion of a webpage exceeds 120 KB, it should be divided into more than one part.  Well, Chapter 7 was 217 KB, and Chapter 9 was 360 KB, so I subdivided both.  This is how they are configured now:

Chapter 7: The Dark Continent Partitioned

1795 to 1914

Part I

Great Britain Comes to South Africa
The Napoleonic Gambit
The Fulani Jihads
"To the Shores of Tripoli"
The Golden Age of African Exploration Begins
Shaka Zulu
Madagascar: The Merina Monarchy
Mohammed Ali Modernizes Egypt
The Abolitionist Triumph
France Invades Algeria
Aftershocks of the Mfecane
The Great Trek
David Livingstone

Part II

The Quest for the Source of the Nile
Egypt in Bondage
The Mahdist Revolt
Abyssinia Regenerates
The Zulu War
The "Scramble for Africa," Part I
From the Cape to Cairo
"Heart of Darkness"
From Dakar to Djibouti
The Boer War
Libya and Morocco: The Last Unturned Stones

Chapter 9: The Independence Era

1965 to 2005

Part I

    Independence: Tying Up the Loose Ends
    Civil War in the Ex-Portuguese Empire
    Who Owns the Western Sahara?
    One-Man Rule:
          The Good
          The Bad
          And the Ugly
    North Africa Takes a Military Road
          Tunisia & Egypt
          Somalia & Sudan

Part II

    Nigeria: The Great Underachiever
    The Horn of Africa: Horn of Famine
          Ethiopia & Eritrea
    Southern Africa: The Fall of Apartheid
          South Africa
          Southwest Africa/Namibia
    Rwanda, Burundi, and the Congo: Still the Dark Heart of Africa

Part III

    The Island at the End of the World
    America’s Stepchild and Her Anarchic Neighbors
         The Ivory Coast
         Sierra Leone
    The Islamist Menace
    Starting Over Again With the African Union
    Modern African Demographics
    The Challenges Facing Modern Africa

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