Greek Division

After adding the footnote from the May 30 message, and a couple new pictures, I decided to divide my webpage on classical Greece into two parts.  For a while it was obvious to me that the page had exceeded the 120 KB limit on text alone; anything larger than that is a challenge for search engine “spiders” to index effectively.  Here is how the page will be organized from now on:

Chapter 2: Classical Greece

1000 to 197 B.C.

Part I

  • What Made Classical Greece So Special?
  • The Archaic Period
  • Colonization
  • Aristocracy, Oligarchy, and Tyranny
  • Militant Sparta
  • The Athenian Road to Democracy
  • The Persian Wars
  • Why the Greeks Won
  • Athenian Democracy
  • Greek Medicine
  • Hellenic Poetry and Drama
  • Hellenic Architecture, Sculpture and Pottery
  • Athenian Society
  • Athenian Imperialism
  • Athenian-Spartan Rivalry

Part II

  • The Peloponnesian War
  • Spartan and Theban Ascendancy
  • Philip of Macedon
  • Alexander’s Empire Up For Grabs
  • Hellenistic Devolution
  • Pre-Classical Greek Religion
  • The Early Philosophers
  • The Sophists and Socrates
  • Plato and Aristotle
  • Other Developments in Greek Philosophy

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