A New Phone for Leive

My brother Chris enjoyed his first day in Lexington, after arriving Thursday evening.  We had two good visits with my father today, and both Leive and I have done our best to make him feel comfortable in the house.  The only issues are that he and I have to share the computer, because he couldn’t bring his from Florida, and our parrot Brin-Brin is putting up a howl, to let everyone know about the stranger in the basement.

Illaria, the Egyptian woman that has been staying here for the past two months, was supposed to move out today.  Earlier in the week she found an apartment she liked in downtown Lexington, near the UK campus.  However, the place was supposed to have furniture, and there isn’t any in it yet.  In addition, today was unusually cool and wet for June, in the 50s all day (Chris said it felt like winter to him!).  Therefore she is staying at least one more night.  Let’s see if tomorrow works out better.

This morning Leive couldn’t charge her smart phone.  Apparently she spilled milk on it the other day, and some got into the charger port.  The phone works now, but only until the battery runs down.  She has had all kinds of problems with cell phones failing over the past couple of years, so decided to go with a Straight Talk phone as a replacement.  I have had a Straight Talk phone since March 2011, and the only trouble it ever gave me was the time when I thought I had been charged twice for a monthly bill.  It’s cheaper than most of the competition, too.  So this evening we went to the nearest Wal-Mart and bought a Straight Talk phone for her, and I started the activation process.  Hopefully tomorrow, the number from her old phone will be transferred to it, and she can call family and friends with a nearly seamless transition.

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