Beryl Surprise

Yesterday morning I went to the nearest office of the Kentucky Blood Center and gave a pint. I’ll admit my motivations weren’t totally idealistic; donors who show up during the last two weeks of May are entered in a drawing for a new Toyota SUV, and I told you before that we need to replace at least one of our cars this year.  Still, what I like about giving blood is that whether it is in a bloodmobile or clinic, the place is always full of upbeat, positive people.  Bad attitudes are screened out before you get there.

For today, I expect the main event will be a tropical storm named Beryl.  This was a surprise when I first heard about it over the weekend; hurricane season doesn’t start until June 1.  Another surprise was the course.  Yesterday Beryl went due west, came ashore at Jacksonville, FL, and continued to a point between Lake City and Tallahassee before making a hairpin turn to the northeast.  This morning Beryl was over Valdosta, and is expected to sideswipe the part of Georgia that Adam, Lindy and Lexi are in, before returning to sea somewhere in the Carolinas.  The good news is that the storm lost half its strength over land, and now is only a tropical depression, so Florida and Georgia will get more rain than wind.  I tried calling to see how the family is doing down there; no one has answered the phone yet, though.

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