Here Comes the Heat

The temperature has been steadily rising over the past week.  For both Thursday and Friday it was in the upper 80s, and today, for the first time this year, it exceeded 90 degrees.  Today was also the first time this year when it got hot enough indoors for the air conditioning to run on the main floor.  Fortunately it is still 73 degrees in the basement as I write this, so the rest of the family understands if I choose to spend most of my free time down here.

And that’s not all; the weatherman is forecasting a high of 100 degrees for tomorrow!  In the six years since we moved to Kentucky, this is the first time I can remember it getting in the 90s before June.  This is more like the Memorial Day weekends we had in Florida:  the full heat of summer, but no rain to cool things off.

One of the things I have been doing is experimenting with the so-called “Internet Cloud.”  Last year I bought a device called Pogoplug, which you hook up to an external hard drive and that hard drive joins the cloud.  Unlike paid services from companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc., you only have to pay once to gain access (when you buy the Pogoplug), and your only limit on space comes from the size of the hard drive you use.  My first experiments with the Pogoplug did not go as well as I would have liked, and then my job assignment in Connecticut came up, so I had to shelve the project until I returned to Kentucky.  Two weeks ago, in one of the Wal-Marts of Lexington, I found an unbelievably good deal on an 3 terabyte external hard drive, so I bought it and tried hooking the Pogoplug up to it.  This time the experimentation went much better; last Sunday I declared the project a complete success.  Now I have a good-sized chunk of the cloud, available in my office for myself, family and friends.

Aside from that, and getting the brakes on Leive’s car fixed last Thursday, my main activity has been searching for a new source of income, either through a job or new Members/Associates in my LegalShield business.  With the state of the economy in Kentucky, I have more hope for the business, if I am going to stay here.

Illaria finished her nursing class last Thursday.  For three weeks, from Monday to Thursday, I drove her to class in the morning.  However, she hasn’t made up mind what she will do next, either with work or in finding a place of her own.  Leive hopes she will move out soon, because my brother Chris will be coming up to visit in a week.  Stay tuned . . .

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