Flying History and Pink Water

I got to see a bit of history in the air yesterday; what a treat!  Over the weekend a vintage B-29 bomber, one of the most important World War II airplanes, was visiting Lexington.  According to the radio, 3,960 B-29s were built for World War II and Korea, but this one, named Fifi, is the last one that can fly.  I ran to the nearest Kroger for a shopping errand yesterday afternoon, and when I got to Kroger, at 4:50 PM, I saw the last flying B-29 soar right over my neighborhood.  This picture gives you an idea of what I saw:


This morning I encountered another surprise.  When I take Illaria to her nursing class, four mornings every week, I cut through downtown Lexington to get there.  Today around the convention center and Rupp Arena, all the fountains were spewing bright pink water!  I didn’t know what was going on until I came home and checked online.  it turns out a film festival started at the convention center last Friday, and they were advertising the first movie, “Pretty In Pink.”  I also learned that it took until Friday afternoon to get the color right; when they first put dye in the fountains last Wednesday, the water came out red!  The local newspaper’s website joked that whoever saw the red fountains would have thought the University of Louisville, the arch-rival to our University of Kentucky, had come in and taken over our home court.  Because the team color for UL is red, and the colors of UK are blue and white, it is always a colorful match-up when the two teams meet.


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