If Teachers Were Politically Incorrect

A few years back, I took one of those online quizzes which is supposed to tell something about yourself when you answer the questions.  This one told your political alignment, and I got an 85 percent conservative rating.  At the time, I figured if it wasn’t for my background in education (I taught at a community college for my last five years in Florida), I would have gotten a 100 percent conservative score.  Colleges and other schools, after all, are one of the strongest bastions of liberalism in our society.

Even so, I feel that many teachers aren’t as liberal as the institutions they’re in (I certainly wasn’t), but in the name of “political correctness,” they keep their opinions to themselves.  In this funny video, late night host Jimmy Kimmel shows us what teachers really think of you and your kids.  If you’re a parent, I hope you’re teaching your children something, too; the teachers can’t do it all by themselves.


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