May the Fourth Be With You

Sorry about the pun; I just had to let it out, this is the best day of the year for it.  But seriously, did you see the job report for last month?  170,000 new jobs were expected, but only 115,000 were created.  Obviously, mine isn’t there.

One thing is clear:  in this depressed economy, we should not wait for somebody to create a job for us.  The days when a company would hire somebody for life are long gone, nowadays one can expect to change jobs every few years, or every few months in my profession.  The company I partner with, LegalShield, will soon be advertising on TV.  If you are involved with LegalShield when this happens and people know it, they will beat a path to your door.  Here are the first three commercials planned:



A new month began three days ago, and new months are a good time for new beginnings.  I am looking for six excellent men and women who are serious about changing their future and making a difference.  If you would like to know more, contact me or go to this page:

Profits are better than paychecks!

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