What a Bunch of Sickos

In the struggle against Islamic fundamentalism, I don’t have to discredit the other side; they do a fine job of discrediting themselves.  I gave two examples in my message on June 13, 2007, where two fatwas were issued in Egypt.  One recommended that women breastfeed their male co-workers, the other claimed that a woman who drank Mohammed’s urine was blessed.

Now we have another example.  Egypt’s Islamist-dominated parliament is trying to pass two new laws affecting women.  One lowers the minimum age of marriage to 14, the other allows a man to have sex with his wife if she has been dead for less than six hours.

Egyptian Woman Appeal Sex-After-Death, Teen Marriage Laws



I don’t think I need to talk about how disgusting the latter law is; the narrator of the above video does a good enough job on that.  In my message from December 10, 2011, I said that I hope the US never fights an enemy that practices necrophilia, because one thing I have learned from history is that when you fight the same enemy long enough, you will come to resemble him.  Well, now it looks like that’s going to happen.

And in a worst-case scenario, I have an idea how necrophilia could become acceptable here.  Liberals will promote it as an “alternative lifestyle,” just as they did with homosexuality.  Read this piece I posted four years ago on what an e-mail promoting that lifestyle, if you can call it a LIFE-style, would look like:

Equal Time for Necrophiliacs!

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