I’m Going Home

Don’t get me wrong when I say that.  You may be reminded of the scene in “Soylent Green” when Edward G. Robinson left a suicide note that simply said, “I’m going home.”  I spoke too soon when I wrote last Tuesday that my chances of staying in Connecticut were pretty good.  Twelve hours later I was informed that the company decided to end my assignment; I will turn in my last timecard at 11:30 AM tomorrow.  However, this may not be the end of my New England adventure; I could be back in a month or two.

The reason for me leaving has nothing to do with my performance; the company likes me, and I got along with everybody, even the New Yorkers.  The problem is that business is still slow.  I figured as much, because last year I worked overtime almost every week, while this year I haven’t had any overtime since January.  They are expecting business to pick up, though, and when that happens I could be invited back.  The general mood in the office is upbeat, even with me leaving, because it does not have to be a permanent departure.

Even better, I just learned that I would lose a big tax break if this job had lasted more than twelve months.  So big, in fact, that without it I would not have qualified for a tax refund this year, and it would not have worth it to work in a state as expensive as this one.  On the other hand, if I take a break and then accept another assignment, the clock is reset and I can take advantage of that tax break again.

So what will I do now?  Well, with Leive, Dad and Brin-Brin in Kentucky, the best thing to do would be to join them.  I don’t think Leive would adapt to Connecticut as well as I did, and Dad is the only family member besides myself with meaningful memories from the last time we were here.  Therefore I may try once more to sell some LegalShield memberships, but I will do my job hunting in Kentucky, not here.  However, I probably won’t leave town immediately, for these reasons:

1.  The rent on the apartment is paid up until the end of the month.

2.  I still have a bit of Leive’s cooking in the freezer, and I’d rather eat it than try to bring it back.

3.  I haven’t gotten the repairs done on the Buick yet.  It looks like I can get one of them in the time remaining, most likely the EGR valve, and count on everything else holding together until I reach Kentucky.

4.  Without help, it will take a day or two to pack everything and load the car up.

Whereas my first sojourn in Connecticut lasted nineteen months (September 1964-April 1966), it now looks like my second sojourn will be shorter – ten and a half months altogether.  Last month I told how a chapter in my life ended with the selling of the family house in Florida; now another chapter is about to end in New England.

2 responses to “I’m Going Home

  1. It looks like the second half of next week (April 25-27). Currently I’m trying to work out the arrangements with my landlady. Pray about that, she wants me to pay the rent for May, whether I’m there or not.

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