Patriot’s Day

It was unusually warm today, with the temperature going all the way up into the 80s.  Here in the apartment I’m already in summertime mode, dressed as lightly as possible.  Only in Florida do I remember it getting this warm in the middle of April; it won’t be that way in Kentucky for at least another month.  I hope it wasn’t a mistake to take my big fan to Kentucky, when I went home for Christmas.

It was also quiet outside, with not much traffic on the roads.  I was impressed last April 9 with how many people took that day off.  They had good reason – it was both Good Friday and Passover – but back home it would take a UK men’s basketball game to clear the streets that much.

It turned out today was a holiday too, what the locals call Patriot’s Day.  I looked it up, and it is only celebrated in New England; this is the anniversary of the first two battles of the American Revolution, those of Lexington and Concord.  I should have guessed as much, because it took until June for news of those battles to reach a group of settlers in Kentucky, and when they heard about it, they celebrated by naming their settlement (my future home) Lexington.

Instead, I thought today had something to do with Boston’s NFL team, the New England Patriots.  From 1989 to 1997 I worked in the Florida office of Ticketmaster, and down there I heard about Patriots tickets going on sale in the month of April.  I also remember that the game against the Miami Dolphins is especially popular—up north they call it the “Squish the Fish” game—and that one is usually a first-day sellout.

You may remember I shared this apartment for three and a half weeks in June, until my room mate suddenly ran off to Kansas.  One item he couldn’t take with him was a small suitcase full of clothing.  For nine months it just lay on the floor of the apartment; I figured one of these days I would donate it to the nearest Goodwill office.  Well, yesterday I finally got around to hauling it down to the car, with the intention of going to the Goodwill place after church.

The church service was unexpectedly short.  The South African flag I told you about last month is finally up on the wall, by the way; I’ll have to get a picture of it.  I guess the nice weather made the pastor want to get outside quickly, like so many other folks; the service lasted not quite an hour, instead of the usual hour and a half.  At the end he announced an upcoming rummage sale (what they call a tag sale here), to raise money for the Sunday school, so instead of continuing on to Goodwill, I went and got the suitcase, and donated it to the church.  Knowing my former room mate, I think he would have wanted it that way.

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