Never Give Up, UK Fans, There’s Always Next Year


Boy what a Final Four game that was, between the University of Kentucky Wildcats and the University of Louisville Cardinals!  We were so close, especially when the clock read nine minutes left to the game, and the score was tied.  That’s what made it so heartbreaking, when the ‘Cards finally pulled it off.  Yes sir, we played so well that we would have won the game, if the time hadn’t run out first.

As a former resident of Orlando, I can understand the frustration a whole community must feel when the home team comes in second place.  Twice the Orlando Magic made it to the NBA Finals; both times we said, “Why not us?  Why not now?”  and then got skunked by the other team.

Our time will come, and I trust we won’t have to wait as long as fans of the Boston Red Sox, for instance, or the Chicago Cubs.  After all, it wouldn’t be sporting (if you’ll pardon the cliché) if our opponents won every time.  Remember how upset the French got when Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France for seven years in a row?


Now let’s put the UK-UL rivalry behind us and show Bluegrass solidarity as we wait to find out whether Louisville will be playing Kansas or Ohio State on Monday.  We will show the rest of the country that when it comes to sports fans, those of Kentucky are the best!


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