Sports Karma


When I last wrote about college basketball, I forgot to mention that tomorrow’s Final Four game is a classic grudge match, because it pits the University of Kentucky Wildcats against the University of Louisville Cardinals.  For Kentucky, I’m sure this game will be more important than the NCAA championship game, no matter who plays in it.

Because I consider Lexington my real home, I’ll be rooting for the ‘Cats, of course, but let’s show the right team spirit. In politics, it sends the wrong message to support a candidate because he/she is not the other candidate.  Remember what happened to the Republicans in 1996, and the Democrats in 2004.  During the long 2004 campaign, for instance, I was in a “battleground state” (Florida), but I never met a real John Kerry supporter.  Not one!  All the people I met who had a political opinion were either Bush supporters or Bush haters; I didn’t consider “Bush haters” to be Kerry supporters because if the Democrats had nominated a baboon to run against Bush, most of them would have voted for the monkey anyway.  And nobody knew what Kerry stood for; I don’t think even Kerry knew what he stood for, except to oppose whatever George W. Bush was for.

Coach John Calipari is saying the same thing could bite us in sports.  I have friends in Louisville who are for the ‘Cards, and after the game, I expect all of them will still be my friends, even if the Cardinals go on to win the championship.  So everybody, let’s just have a good time, okay?  The only other time during the year when Kentucky gets this much attention is when the horses race at the Kentucky Derby, and we want to make our state look as nice in the media as it is to those of us living there.  Click on the link below to read the rest of the coach’s comments.

Calipari Says Don’t Root Against Anyone, It Could Come Back to Bite You

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