More Warm Signs


How about them Wildcats? Today they have gone and done it again; for the second year in a row they are going to the NCAA tournament’s Final Four.  There’s no doubt about it; I’m going to wear my UK jacket to work tomorrow, whether the weather requires it or not.  Even though I am more than 800 miles away from home, I should still support the home team of course!  I did see some pictures on the Lexington newspaper’s website,, of all the celebration going on back home, after UK beat Baylor in today’s game.  Don’t worry, nothing got out of hand; we have civilized fans, after all.

Meanwhile here in Connecticut, I’m seeing more signs that winter is over.  There were two nights in the past week when the temperature and humidity got so high in my apartment that I had trouble sleeping, so on Tuesday I opened the window for the first time since the end of October.  It got up in the 70s, both inside and outside during that time.  Now the outside weather is cooler—today it was constantly in the 40s–but there is no cause to be concerned at this point.  And the flowers are coming into full bloom.  As in Kentucky, they are ahead of schedule this year.  I recall that the last time I was in Connecticut, I went outside on May 1, 1965, and the back yard was full of dandelions.  If that’s an accurate memory, Connecticut flowers are even more ahead of schedule than Kentucky ones.  I’m now seeing more forsythia, like the bush I posted a picture of recently, and there are quite a few trees around with pink flowers on them, especially on Main Street.  And yesterday, I finally saw some flowering pear trees,like the Bradford pears we have back home.  My home neighborhood has Bradford pear trees in front of every house, so when they bloom it is a spectacular sight, turning the whole neighborhood white.  We don’t get that much of a flower show here, at least I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s still it’s enough to cheer you up as you go outside.

Back in Kentucky, Leive is still having a hard time with my father.  He keeps falling down just about every day; the tumble he took last Tuesday ended up breaking his finger.  After another fall at 5 AM on Friday, the retirement home decided to put him in a facility that gives more intensive care.  It’s still in the same neighborhood as the first home, so we still have all the advantages of location, but still it’s a step in the wrong direction.  Leive wonders how she is going to move Dad’s furniture because the people of the facility did not help my brother, when he moved it all in a week earlier.  Last Friday, I did receive an encouraging e-mail from a lady in my church, who suggested that all the tumbles may be caused by my Dad being unfamiliar with the place he is in.  Well, that makes sense, because he was a living in the same house down in Florida for almost 45 years; we moved in there in May of 1967.  We also have some hope that if his condition improves after therapy, he can go back to the first facility, and I’ll be able to take him places after I return to Kentucky.

Well, that’s the news for this weekend.  Once again, GO ‘CATS!!!

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