You Can Stop Wishing For Snow Now

Yesterday was the vernal equinox on the calendar, the official first day of spring. reminded us that it’s also Nowruz, the Iranian New Year’s Day.  I have long felt it makes more sense to start a new year in the spring or fall, rather than in the middle of winter.  In spring and fall, at least you can see things changing all around you.

The Babylonians used to celebrate the new year in March.  So did the Romans, on March 23 – my granddaughter’s birthday.  The Jews used to, but during the Babylonian captivity they switched to fall, for reasons that aren’t clear.  Ethiopia celebrates New Year’s Day on September 11, because their calendar is off.

From the sounds outside, I know the birds are back already.  The flowers are on the way, too.  Leive told me that the ornamental pear trees on our street are already in full bloom –- that’s two weeks ahead of schedule!  And yesterday I saw some flowering trees in bloom even here in Connecticut, outside the local Target store.

My father took a tumble yesterday, after a dizzy spell.  I don’t think he suffered any internal injuries (It happened quite often in Florida), but the folks at his new retirement home rushed him to the hospital for x-rays and MRI scans anyway.  Luckily the hospital is only half a mile away.

Speaking of Florida, our old house there is about to be sold.  My brother is about to go there for the final estate sale.  For all of us, it’s the end of an era; that house has belonged to the family since 1967.  Chris reminded me that for his first night there, he slept on a mattress on the floor, in a room without furniture; now his last night there will probably be the same.  That’s coming around full circle for you.

If Leive and I come to Florida again, we’ll have to find another place to stay.  Now I’m in the state where my family lived BEFORE Florida (1964-66), 25 miles from our previous home.  How’s that for closing another circle?

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