Three Kimballs In Kentucky

That’s right; both my brother and my father are in Kentucky for the first time, plus Leive.  Make that four if you count Brin-Brin, or five if you wait till I come home.

Okay, now for some more details. Like I said yesterday, Leive flew a nonstop flight from Lexington, KY to Sanford, FL on Thursday, March 8.  Meanwhile, my brother Chris drove up from the Everglades, and my sister and her husband drove down from Wisconsin. They spent the rest of the week packing boxes with everything that Dad is bringing to Kentucky. Most of that went into the truck that Chris rented on Saturday. Finally, Leive and Dad went to Sanford on Tuesday for the return flight. Because my father has advanced Parkinson’s, we all believed that a nonstop flight would be the easiest way to get him to Kentucky; then he only has to sit on the plane for two hours, not counting time on the runway.

From the way Leive described it, the trip could not of gone better. My father greatly enjoyed both walking around in the Sanford Airport terminal, and also the flight. Upon arrival, they met some folks from the retirement home we picked out, who immediately drove my father there. For me, Dad’s reaction was the biggest surprise. Down in Florida, he definitely did not want to live anywhere but in his house, and I was a bit concerned that he would not take too kindly when he found out that we are not putting him in our house right away. But instead, he enjoyed the retirement home, and seemed to think that he was in my basement. Well, if that keeps him happy, we’ll let him go along with the idea. In fact, judging from the news I got from Chris and Leive, my Dad hasn’t been in such a good mood since my mother was alive.

Chris spent the rest of his time, which I believe included today, unloading the truck; some of the contents went in our garage and our basement, while the rest went in the retirement home. Monday was the toughest day; because he had just arrived, he didn’t know anybody; also it was raining, he did not have much help, and he could not get Leive’s car out of the garage, because he did not have the key. On Tuesday he went to my church’s men’s group, and did get some help from my friends there. Now he will be returning to Florida tomorrow, taking another of flight instead of driving.

Altogether I think my father had been suffering from sensory deprivation while he was in the house. Leive told me that his caregiver always put him to bed at 7 PM, and about the only thing they watched on TV was CNN, which we all know stands for Constantly Negative News. What I do know is that when Leive and I were there, we would always switch the channel to something we found more entertaining, like Animal Planet. During the 3 1/2 years that we had that caregiver, we all felt he was doing a wonderful job, that would’ve been nearly impossible for anyone else to do, so now, for the first time, I can think of a case where he could have done better. Oh well, if he needs our help in finding a job in the future, everyone in the family will put in a good reference for him.

That’s the story of the latest big family move. If I hear any more interesting details, I’ll let you know, and I’ll probably post some pictures here after I return to Kentucky.

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