Dad Comes to Kentucky

I did not post anything last Friday and Monday.  It wasn’t because those were slow days.  On the contrary, they were busy days for the family, but I felt I should wait until I can tell a fairly complete story, rather than give the readers just bits and pieces.

For the past two or three years the whole family felt that my father would be best off in Kentucky with us.  Everyone except Dad.  He held on stubbornly to the house in Florida he has owned since 1967, to the point that I thought he would end up spending the rest of his life there.  Well, he finally came to agree with the rest of us last December, when he accepted an offer for the house.  I for one was happy at that point; he had not shown that much initiative since my mother was alive.

We picked out a nice retirement home for him, with an excellent location.  Two miles from our house, half a mile from the church, half a mile from the hospital, two Fazolis and a Wal-Mart nearby, etc.  We did that because the house won’t be fit for him until we modify/replace a bathtub, since he can no longer step into one.  We’ll probably have to do something about the stairs, too; those would pretty much confine him to one floor of the house.  He could either end up on the top floor with Leive, in the basement with me, or on the main floor with Brin-Brin.

Anyway, Leive flew to Florida last Thursday.  We chose Allegiant Air, the airline that makes at least two non-stop flights from Lexington to Sanford every week.  This is the second time we flew with them; on the previous trip we learned that the Sanford airport is a nice alternative to Orlando International Airport. It’s the same distance from my Dad’s house, and a lot less traffic.  I myself was surprised to find that a sleepy little town like Sanford (about 40,000 people) could have a larger, busier airport than Lexington.  We never gave much attention to it when we lived in Seminole County, always driving to OIA instead.

On Saturday at noon, my brother left Florida, driving a truck with most of Dad’s things in it.  After two overnight stops (he drove carefully), he arrived in Lexington at 10 AM on Monday.  Then Leive returned with Dad this afternoon.  From the sound of things, it could not have gone better.  I’ll give you more details tomorrow, as I don’t think I have heard everything yet.  Stay tuned!

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