A Clash of Holidays

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. I’m not talking about Oscar night (*yawn*). Nor am I talking about the Daytona 500, though I will admit I followed that race more when I lived in Florida. Yes in the part of Florida where I used to live, some people really think that the national anthem ends with the words, “Gentlemen, start your engines!”

I am talking about Israel Apartheid Week, the annual Israel-hating event held at many college campuses, at the end of February and the beginning of March. Now those behind it claim to be simply anti-Zionist, but I have yet to see much difference between anti-Zionists and outright anti-Semites. I am also amazed how the term “apartheid” has morphed over the years, since it stood for South Africa’s racial policy. Back in 2005, when I was doing research for my African history papers, I did a Google search on the term apartheid, to see if I left anything out. I was astonished to find more webpages and pictures talking about apartheid in Israel, then there were about apartheid in South Africa.

Anyway, here’s what the group United with Israel says about the event:

“2012 marks the 8th annual ‘Israel Apartheid Week,’ which takes place in February and March on dozens of college campuses and in cities around the world.

The event, which will be held in the United States between February 27 and March 3, is a well-organized political assault designed to delegitimize, demonize, and cause the collapse of Israel by falsely portraying it as an apartheid state and applying double standards of moral conduct.”

What Israel’s enemies don’t realize is this is happening just one week before Purim, a Jewish holiday commemorating an ancient victory against anti-Semitism. Somebody in Heaven is having a laugh at these guys’ expense.

Anyway, here is the link to the story:

Israel Apartheid Week:  Teaching Hate on College Campuses

And for a page telling the truth about Israel:

Israel:  An Apartheid State?

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