Winding Down Another Week Early

Hello again, everyone. Today I’m trying something different. I’ve just installed a voice recognition program called Dragon 11.5, which I bought last week from Nuance software. This will allow me to write messages on my computer quite a bit faster than I normally could, almost as fast as I can talk. Now I type pretty good, but I think I’m going to do even better than that, so if you see longer messages from me in the future that’s the reason.

The first news I have to say is that I’ve got another three-day weekend. Yes, work is still slow at the office, but not as much as it was in previous weeks. This time the issue is that our office is going to be a closed on Friday. None of my co-workers or supervisors are going to be there; in fact we’re not even going to have electricity because of a special safety inspection, so even if I had deadlines to meet, I don’t think I could go in to work tomorrow. Therefore I’m going be taking it easy for a good part of the weekend. Yes, this is a change from 2011 when I was working overtime on most weekends. Of course the paychecks are smaller and Leive is starting to complain about that, so hopefully the current work slowdown won’t last. At least my supervisor likes me enough to make sure that I get 40 hours each week.

I’m also reporting that my landlady came back today, to the house underneath the apartment I’m in. She has been gone for the last four weeks due to a broken ankle suffered in a fall outside, so I’m sure she is glad to be back and life should be returning to normal, downstairs as well as upstairs.

The best news of the day came right after I woke up this morning, when I gave myself a blood test. It has been seven weeks since I was diagnosed with diabetes and my blood sugar level is at last down to where it should be. Of course that is a cause for celebration, as long as I keep it that way. As a matter fact, I had to avoid a bit of temptation in the office today, because a visitor left a box of jelly doughnuts on the desk next to mine; it took a bit of willpower not to celebrate by having one!

Last year back in Kentucky one of the local grocery stores, Meijer, introduced a rich Polish pastry called pakczi, (pronounced “punch key”). Next of them was a sign explaining what they were; according to the sign this is a special treat that is eaten in Poland just before Ash Wednesday. I didn’t get to try them last year, so I don’t know how different they are from regular jelly doughnuts. In Connecticut I have seen pakczi more than once, but I don’t think I will try them here either, because with my current condition, that’s probably the worst thing I can have.

Last month I learned that I can apply for unemployment insurance, to cover the last week of 2011, when I couldn’t work because the office was closed. You may remember I went back to Kentucky instead, and celebrated Christmas with Leive and Brin-Brin. Well, in the third week of January I filed my unemployment claim, and this week my payment came, in the form of a Chase bank account with a debit card (Connecticut does not mail checks, the way Florida and Kentucky do). I am guessing they do that to keep others from stealing the money; in fact they didn’t deposit it into my account until a day after I activated the debit card and got a PIN for it.  However, I was surprised that what they gave me was quite a bit less than I expected. It was still worth the effort of filling out the paperwork, but in the end it turned out to be only 30% of what I would have made if I had worked that week. Oh well, I guess it is better than nothing.

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