A Good Day to be a Yankee

I’m talking about it from the perspective of Superbowl Sunday.  Not only are both of the teams from the Northeast (that got my co-workers excited, all right), but I believe this is the first time the game was held north of the Mason & Dixon Line.  Indianapolis, to be exact.  I guess the planners aren’t afraid of snow interfering with the game anymore; when was a football game ever rained out or snowed out, anyway?

No, I won’t be watching.  I never was much of a football fan, even when the Dolphins or the Buccaneers were in the game, and these days all sporting championships are held too late in the evening, for those of us who have to go to work on Monday morning.  One thing’s for sure, I’ll know which of my co-workers watched the whole thing by who’s late tomorrow.  I’m even hearing about a few folks recording the game so they can fast-forward through it and watch only the commercials, since the best commercials of the year are saved for this day.

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