We Lost a Friend in Florida!

No, not a human friend, or even an animal friend, but a tree – the largest tree in Florida.  If you go to Longwood, about seven miles from where we used to live, you will come to the Big Tree Park, which was the site of a 118-foot-tall cypress tree named “The Senator.”  Not only is it the biggest tree in the state, I hear it may be the biggest tree east of the Mississippi River.  My family visited it more than once, and in 2004-2005 I worked less than a mile from there.  Well, today The Senator caught fire, burned from the inside out, and collapsed, despite the best efforts of firefighters to save it.  They are now saying lightning is the probable cause; I sure hope it’s that, and not arson.  Here are some links to the story:

3,500-Year-Old Tree “The Senator” Collapses in Fire

Arsonists Burn Down World’s Fifth Oldest Tree

The second article comes from a British news site, showing that this story is getting international attention.  What puzzles me is that they’re saying the tree was 3,500 years old.  The last time I visited, I could have sworn the estimated age was 1,700.  When was the tree’s age doubled?

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