Comparing Solstices

In the past five years I have done more traveling/moving than I did for most of my years in Florida.  And one thing that I learned right away is that the seasons are different in different places.  For example, I found out today how different winter solstice can be in different places.  Today it was ten degrees warmer in Kentucky, and twenty degrees warmer in Florida, than it was here in Connecticut.  Luckily we haven’t had any snow in nearly two months, but that could change on Friday.  And here is how different just the day length can be:

Location Sunrise Sunset Day Length
Danbury, CT 7:16 4:27 9 hrs, 11 min
Lexington, KY 7:49 5:21 9 hrs, 32 min
Winter Park, FL 7:13 5:33 10 hrs, 20 min


Well, the next time I see you the days will be getting longer, anyway.  Maybe I should put up a summer solstice table in six months, now that it looks like I will be in Connecticut for that.

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