The Popess of San Francicso

Okay, it’s official.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi admitted last week that she doesn’t have a conscience.  I guess it’s better for somebody on that side to say it, then for us to accuse them of it.  What happened this time is that Pelosi said Catholic bishops oppose abortion because “they have this conscience thing.”  Here’s the story:

Pelosi Bashes Catholics:  "They Have This Conscience Thing"

What I find irksome is her arrogance; last year she claimed she is not only a devout Catholic, but also knows more about Christianity than the pope.  Since then, whenever Pelosi has been in the news, I have wondered why the Catholic Church does not excommunicate anybody anymore.  Isn’t submission to the pope’s authority one of the most important Catholic doctrines, the one that distinguishes it from other churches?  If Catholics no longer have to obey the Vatican, then they might as well be Episcopalians.