Will I Stay Or Will I Go?

That’s what I’m wondering, with only three weeks left to go on the job assignment that brought me to Connecticut in the first place.  I had a big grocery shopping trip on Saturday, and it will probably be the last until I know if I’m going to be here past the first week of December.  It will be a lot easier to bring all my belongings back if the refrigerator is empty when the time comes.

On a hunch, I made one of my stops the little Wal-Mart they have here in Danbury.  I say “little” because the Wal-Mart Supercenters in other states are twice as big, and even the old-fashioned Wal-Mart near our house in Kentucky is larger.  It is at this time of the year that the Kentucky Wal-Marts offer gift packages of Florida hot sauce, from the Dat’l Do-it company in St. Augustine.  Sure enough, even this store had it!  I have four bottles left over from what I had brought from Kentucky, but now I know I won’t run out, even if I am here until next June.

One of the grocery stores also had a scale by the door.  Because I don’t have a bathroom scale in the apartment, I hadn’t weighed myself since leaving Kentucky, so I gave it a try.  To my surprise, I have lost 19 pounds over the past five months.  I think it was caused by an imbalance among the prescriptions I’ve been taking, which I’ll have to get fixed the next time I see a doctor.  Still, Leive was pleased to hear the news, because I gained weight when we were apart in 2006.

On Sunday I was starting to miss the kind of restaurants we have in the South.  Sure, up here the Mom & Pop Italian places are fun, and Connecticut sandwich shops are truly amazing, but I was in the mood for a good old Southern barbecue place.  I did a Google search, and found one a few miles up the road in Brookfield, called RW’s BBQ.  I went there after church on Sunday, and that did the trick.  If I find myself feeling homesick for Kentucky, I’ll know where to go in the future.

Finally, it looks like we have a buyer on Dad’s house in Florida.  Too early to say anything for certain, but maybe my father will be coming to live with us in Kentucky after all.

One response to “Will I Stay Or Will I Go?

  1. Dear Scott,
    I think that you should move back to Kentucky after your job ends the first week in December. Chris told me that your landlord wants you to sign another lease stating that you’ll give two months notice if you have to move out. Don’t do this! You won’t know if you will have this much notice since your job is ending. Leive told me last week when she called that she misses you and wants you home for Hanukkah! Please go home to your wife and parrot for the holidays. Connecticut is one of the worst states to try and find a job right now. It isn’t very good here in Wisconsin for trying to find a job right now, either. Kentucky may be better for trying to job hunt than where you are right now.

    Chris told me this morning that Dad wants to stay in his house and not move to Kentucky. He will tell Lynn that Dad doesn’t want to sell the house to a developer because he wants to stay put for now.

    I love you so this is why I’m writing this to you. If you decide to stay and continue to rent without any income than your landlord can sue you for double the rent owed if you have to move out without a sixty day notice. This puts you in a precarious situation that you can avoid by simply moving out and going back to Kentucky. I know this because this is what the landlords tried to do to tenants in New York who lost their jobs and had to move out early before their leases had expired. I know you want to stay and look for work, but you can’t stay if your landlord is so demanding and you have no work.

    Love and prayers from your sister,

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