Counting Down November

Last Friday marked five months since leaving Kentucky, Saturday marked five months since arriving in Connecticut, and today marks five months since I started working here.  Because the job was originally supposed to last six months, I expect I will be counting down the days until I go back to Kentucky, or until I hear I got an extension.

Here are the latest “after pictures” I took outside the apartment window, showing just a few snowdrifts left, as of today.  Compare them with the pictures posted here last October 29:



When I lived in Florida, I took winter storms lightly.  Florida storms (thunderstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes) make a lot of noise, and are just as destructive as they are loud.  In deserts you have dust storms, and they are noisy, too.  On the other hand, ice storms and snowstorms are silent when they strike, but it turns out they do their share of damage.  You wouldn’t think little snowflakes could break anything, but this past week I saw tree limbs as thick as my leg, that had been growing for decades, brought down by the weight of these tiny crystals.  And yesterday, half a mile from here, I saw a full-sized oak tree, even larger than the branches I mentioned, that had suffered the same fate.  As a reminder, here is a picture I took of the front yard last Sunday, showing all the branches in my landlady’s driveway before they were removed, or the pavements were shoveled:


Today an old friend came back – standard time!  However, it also reminded me of how short the days are now.  Today the sun came up before I woke up, something that hasn’t happened on weekdays for at least a month.  But when I checked the weather report, I saw that sunrise was scheduled for 6:31 AM, and sunset was due at 4:33 PM!  My goodness, the days never ended that early in the other places I have called home.  In a normal work week, I end my day at the office at 5 PM on Monday through Thursday, and 4 PM on Friday.  If I am still here in late December, will I be coming home in the dark every day?

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