The New England Chill Cometh

Tonight is supposed to be the first real cold night of fall; the forecast is for a low of 36 degrees.  Now we are colder than Kentucky, as it is supposed to be.  I noticed last Sunday that the only part of me that was cold were my feet.  The last time I got a chill there, I went and bought a quilt for my air bed.  Although I expect to need that, especially if I am here for the winter, I got more sensible this time; I also noted that I walked barefoot in the apartment most of the time, so no wonder my feet were cold.  I responded by buying eight pairs of long “trail socks,” and a pair of slippers; so far they seem to be working.

Of course, feet were meant for standing, walking and (in sports) kicking.  Now I am wondering if they are supposed to radiate heat as well, inasmuch as they get cold before the rest of me does.

Meanwhile, down in Naples, Florida, my brother posted a good picture of himself on Facebook, wearing a Seminole Indian-style jacket that he recently made.  He’s wearing it because Florida is getting a cold snap, too; last night the temperature there dropped to 72 degrees!  Long-time readers may remember that back in 2009 he made the jacket now worn by Chief Osceola, the mascot for Florida State University.


Bundle up, and I’ll see you later.

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