The Calm Before the Storm

That’s what a local radio station called today in western Connecticut.  Of course, since I told you about Hurricane Irene headed this way, the city of Danbury has been getting ready for it to strike, which is expected on Sunday.  It looked really bad yesterday when I saw the weather map; that showed the exact center of the storm passing three or four blocks west of my apartment!  Now the predicted path has veered a little east, so Irene is expected to come ashore at Bridgeport or New Haven, but I’m still close enough that 75 MPH winds are likely.

When not at work, I spent yesterday and today stocking up on supplies, just in case.  Yesterday I went to Costco; fortunately they didn’t have the same sense of humor as the Orlando Costco.  When I was stocking up for a Florida hurricane in 2004, that Costco had the movie “Twister” playing on its TV sets!  Today I was in C Town, a local grocery store chain that has good prices on Spanish items; there I got the things on my list that Costco didn’t have.

Today at work the company was preparing for the worst, telling everyone how to find out if the office is open on Monday, unplugging all the equipment, and covering it with tarps and garbage bags.  Originally I was supposed to work until 6 PM, but we had to get off the computers by 3, so I lost a few hours.  Don’t worry, they were overtime hours, so it doesn’t hurt as much as an unpaid holiday (remember the 4th of July).  I also learned how to schedule and hold a meeting in the office, something I never expected to be doing previously.

For tomorrow, I still have to get my car’s light switch fixed and do the laundry.  After that, my main concern will be whether I can go to church on Sunday, because the hurricane is expected to reach us on Sunday morning.  See you later!

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