A Hurricane Is Coming!

I don’t expect to be writing much this week because I am working ten-hour days, and will have my car in the repair shop again on Saturday.  Because of security concerns, I can never say much about what I’m doing at work.  Meanwhile outside the office, the weather has been delightful.  Yesterday morning it was only 50 degrees, and it has been in the 60s and 70s most of the time.  I even wore my black fleece pullover to work to keep warm; I can’t remember the last time I wore any sort of jacket in August!

The leaves aren’t changing color yet, but the days are definitely getting shorter, too.  When I arrived in Connecticut last June, the sky started getting light before 5 AM, and I would always wake up before my clock radio went off.  That’s not happening anymore; let’s see how easy it will be to get up if I’m still here when winter arrives.

However, there is a bit of that old-time Florida weather headed this way first.  Last Sunday Hurricane Irene formed east of Puerto Rico and started heading for the Bahamas and Florida.  That gave my family a scare; here’s the page where I described the experience of getting hit by multiple hurricanes, in August-September of 2004.  But then on Monday Irene started steering east.  My brother takes credit for that; he says hurricanes never strike when he boards up the windows of his place!  Nice going;  now the hurricane is missing my family members in Florida and Georgia, and going to hit me instead!  The latest 5-day forecast has Irene arriving in New England on Sunday night, and while it will be past its peak, it should still pack winds in the 75-100 MPH range (category 1 or 2).  I’ll keep readers posted, so long as the electricity doesn’t go out here.


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