What Kind of August Is This?, and the AD – Sangreal Album

My calendar says this is the middle of August, but it sure doesn’t feel like it to somebody who lived most of his life in the South.  For the past three days the temperature has been in the 60s and low 70s; today’s was the highest, at 73.  Maybe this is normal for New England; I don’t remember because my last summer in the region was in 1965.

We also got a lot of rain, a total of two inches for Sunday and Monday.  We didn’t suffer from floods, fortunately, because our rain wasn’t anywhere near as bad as the record-breaking eight inches that fell on New York City.  Still, it kept me indoors; the only time I went out on Sunday was to go to church.  I was a bit more active on Saturday, going to the laundromat and to lunch in the middle of the day.  For Saturday evening I went to explore Danbury’s mall.  It’s surprisingly large, considering the size of the local community (they must get a lot of out-of-town shoppers).  A long two-story structure, which overall reminded me of the Seminole Town Centre in Sanford, FL.

Long-time readers may remember that I’m a fan of David Rohl, the British author and archaeologist.  In 2008, while I was reviewing his books, he actually dropped in on this blog to answer the questions I still had after reading them.  Definitely a class act.  Then he let me know that his next project was to revive Mandalaband, the progressive rock band he was in with his college buddies in the 1970s.  Since then Mandalaband has produced two more albums.  The first one, “BC – Ancestors,” put his historical theories to music, so I like to call it the “New Chronology Musical.”  Then last month the other album, “AD – Sangreal,” was released.  This one experienced many delays, the main one being that one of the band members, Stu “Woolly” Wolstenhome, died last December (the last song is dedicated to him).


David moved from England to Spain a few years back, and that gave him the ideas for this album, which has songs about medieval Spain, with a concentration on the legends about the Holy Grail going there.  Last Saturday I bought my copy of the album.  Because I’m going to be away from home for several months, I chose to download the tracks; maybe I can get a copy of the album cover later, which has information on the history behind each song.  There are fifteen tracks, and David had posted about six of them previously, on Facebook and Myspace, so I had an idea what to expect.  Still, I got the feeling that the songs that weren’t posted were some of the best, and later on the same day, David appeared on Facebook to tell me that’s the idea!

If you want to buy the album, click on the link below, to go to Melodic Revolution Records.  You can also hear a sample track, “Saracens,” which is about the Moslem conquest of Spain.  I found this track interesting because I had written about that part of history on this webpage; I’m no musician, but the lyrics sound like something I could have composed!


Today David Rohl also did a three-hour interview for a webcast program, “Online With Andrea.”  You can go there to listen or download the webcast.  Check it out; I’m listening to it now as I write this!


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