Here We Go Again, UN

“If Algeria introduced a resolution declaring that the earth was flat and that Israel had flattened it, it would pass by a vote of 164 to 13 with 26 abstentions.”–Abba Eban, former Israeli foreign minister and UN envoy

The problem with the Durban conferences that the United Nations holds on racism is that most of the participating nations are for it.  Well, a specific kind of racism.  Prejudice against blacks, Asians, and indigenous peoples of any kind may no longer be in fashion, but anti-Semitism still is, so long as you give it a euphemism like “anti-Zionism.”

A few years ago, I saw a four-panel cartoon which showed individuals you would not put in charge of certain things.  The first panel showed a fox in charge of a henhouse.  The second panel showed a vampire at the front desk in a blood bank.  The third panel showed a shark dressed as a lifeguard.  And the fourth panel showed the UN Human Rights Commission, which at that time was run by dictatorships like Cuba, Zimbabwe, China, Libya, Syria and Sudan.  Therefore we shouldn’t take any UN declaration very seriously, considering that it’s likely to be coming from a tyrant.

Here is a video that explains why anti-Zionism is so popular in the UN.  That organization’s behavior since the mid-1970s is all the more amazing when one recalls that Israel was created by a UN vote in 1947.

Because the UN is corrupt and inefficient as well as anti-Semitic, when I saw the cartoon described above, I also heard a proposal to replace the UN with an organization called the “League of Democracy” or the “Alliance of Freedom.”  Whereas the UN allows every nation (except Taiwan) to join, this organization would only be open to countries that (1) have democratic governments, and (2) are committed to fighting terrorism.  Is anyone still seriously considering this proposal?  I think it’s time to bring it up again.

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