Heated Out

Boy, it has been hot yesterday and today, even here in New England.  It is now 90 degrees in the apartment as I write this.  Normally I would be taking tomorrow off, but the boss asked me to come in and work eight hours, and I’ll be more comfortable there than if I stayed home.  Anyway, it has been two weeks since I wrote about what I have been doing in Connecticut, so this message will be an update.

July 8 = Came in and worked seven and a half hours, to make up for having an unpaid holiday on the Fourth of July.

July 10 = After the Sunday service, the church I am attending held a backyard cookout at a member’s house, so I spent the afternoon there.  He lives in the country, seventeen miles in the direction of Huntington (see my message from June 18); I found it an interesting outing just for that reason.

July 11-12 = More hot days, but not as bad as what we’re going through now.

July 11 = I attended my first Pre-Paid Legal meeting since arriving in Connecticut.  This group meets in North Haven, CT, a distance of 57 miles from here.  The meeting was just like the ones I attended in Kentucky; the people were very similar, and even the jokes they told were the same.  I liked the group, but because of the long drive, and a highway that’s treacherous compared with the Interstates I drove in other states, I think I’ll visit a group in Newburgh, NY next time.  According to Google Earth, they’re 10-15 miles closer.

July 15 = This afternoon was Employee Appreciation Day at work, and at 2:30, without warning us first, they brought out enough ice cream for everybody.  A nice touch; it’s probably the first time I’ve felt appreciated in the workplace since Christmas 2009.

July 16 = Back to North Haven, for the monthly Pre-Paid Legal seminar called Super Saturday.  Again, it looked a lot like Super Saturday events in Kentucky.  The main speaker was a pastor named Alan Plummer, who got into the business just to help members of his congregation, and did so well at it that now he’s pulling down a six-figure income every year.  In the middle of the meeting, another speaker, Kevin Palache, gave a message which probably meant more to me that to the folks living full-time in Connecticut.  He showed us a map of Connecticut, and point out that all the local Pre-Paid Legal activity is taking place in North Haven, Middletown and East Hartford, three spots in the central third of the state.  For the east and west, he marked eight cities where he’d like to see future activity, and one of them is Danbury!  That’s an opportunity for me, so how can I get a group started in Danbury, when my entire upline is in other states?

July 18-19 = Did some more exploring, this time to the neighboring towns of New Fairfield and Ridgefield.  This was prompted not just by curiosity, but also by my search for a bank that will let me deposit a check with the ATM card from my Florida credit union.  So far I haven’t found one yet.  By contrast, I found two or three banks in Kentucky that accepted my card for deposits, so I never had to move my accounts from Florida, while in Kentucky.

July 20 = At lunchtime, a co-worker discovered my car’s left front tire was flat.  After an hour in the heat, we managed to get the spare on the car and drive it to the nearest repair shop.  It turned out the tire was worn down to the steel belt on the inside, and so was the right front tire; it could have blown at any time, too.  Well, it could have been a lot worse if a tire blew out on the highway, and at work, I got all the help I needed.  We replaced both front tires, and since the problem was probably caused by bad alignment, I’ll need to go back for an alignment job on my next free day.  Fortunately tomorrow’s overtime will pay for the auto work and then some.

July 21 = After work, I was planning to go to the Newburgh group I mentioned earlier, but before leaving home, I got a phone call stating that the meeting was cancelled, due to a bad air conditioner leak where we were getting together.  According to the weather reports, the temperature in Newburgh was even hotter than here (97 degrees, with a heat index of 110!).  This is the first time I can remember a meeting of any kind getting cancelled because it was too hot; I don’t even remember such a thing happening in Florida.  Is “heated out” a good term for this?

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