Now It Feels Like Summer

Today it got up to 90 degrees today, both inside and outside of the house.  It was 90 on the top floor, anyway; on the main floor it was 85, and 74 in the basement, so this time the ladies of our church went downstairs, when they came over this evening.

Hot and dry weather like that may not be normal for Kentucky in May, but it is quite normal for the old country (Florida).  Therefore if it feels strange, it is only because winter lasted so long; you may remember we had cold snaps earlier this month.

Three weeks ago I found a plant nursery that had purslane and bought two plants, a yellow one and an orange one.  Knowing that they like full sun, I found a place in the backyard that gets sun for at least half the day, and put them there.  Here is the yellow one; the orange one hasn’t produced any flowers yet.


Now I think I know why I haven’t seen purslane since leaving Florida, except in a few hanging pots.  Apparently they’re not well suited for this climate, because they like it hot and dry; after I planted them, they didn’t grow much until this week.

Leive and I got acquainted with purslane during the drought of 2000, when it took over our front yard in Florida.  To comply with government requests to conserve water, we didn’t water our plants, meaning that some died and left empty spots in the yard for the purslane to fill.  By contrast, purslane stores water in its fat leaves, so it never needs watering.  Well, this was one weed we were glad to meet.  The yellow flowers cheered me up on a bad day, the plants are edible (Leive cooked some in stews), and they attract lots of bees, which hopefully will pollenate the other flowers while they are in the neighborhood.  What’s not to like about a plant like that?  I didn’t see as much of them in the following years, so I suspect doves ate the seeds they dropped.

When not writing here, I am still getting ready for the upcoming move to Connecticut.  Today I went to the local blood center and gave a pint, because (1) I hadn’t done it since a blood drive at work last summer, and (2) with the out-of-state trip coming up, I figured it would be a good idea to leave part of me behind.  They told me that because of today’s donation, I’m a one gallon donor; how about that!

Oh, in case I forgot to tell the readers last week, Leive finished her jury duty assignment without ever getting called in after the orientation day.  Evidently May was a slow month for the courts around here.

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