There Is A Light At the End of the Tunnel, And It’s Not a Train

Over the past two days it has started looking more like May around here.  The temperature warmed up to the 60s yesterday, and the 70s today.  It also dried out, so I was finally able to mow the lawn, and Leive did some garden work today.

My unemployment insurance ran out a week ago, and I didn’t find out about it until yesterday.  So this morning I was in the local unemployment office, applying for an extension and trying to recover the money I missed (I got one week’s worth, not two).  In the office I saw a lady I recognized from human resources at my old job; she, more than anybody else, is responsible for pulling me out of Florida in the first place.  I was right, hardly any of my old co-workers are left at the old office.  Well, here’s one that’s working for the state now.

Today marked exactly five years since I moved out of Florida; tomorrow will mark the fifth anniversary of my arrival in Kentucky.  Therefore it’s a good time to announce some big news.  Seven months after being laid off, I have been offered a job!  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that it’s a six-month contract, not something permanent or with benefits, though they offer plenty of overtime.  Also, it’s not in Kentucky, but in Danbury, Connecticut.  Therefore I’ll be going up there alone in two weeks (I start on June 6), while Leive stays here to mind the house and the parrot.

In one way I have come full circle.  Before my Florida days, my family lived in Connecticut, from September 1964 to April 1966.  I am just old enough to remember the street address where we lived, so just for fun, I looked it up on Google Earth.  Forty-five years later, the house is still there; the only part I could see clearly was the driveway, but except for an SUV parked on it, it’s just as I remember it!  I never thought I’d be going back to that state again, until now.

You may note I have created a new category for this blog, called “Yankeeland.”  There I will be chronicling my adventures in the hostile lands north of the Mason & Dixon Line.  Stay tuned!

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